Tresor huntTresor hunt

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Tresor hunt

This activity is reserved to French schools.


Play the role of a Flemish wine traders family and conduct a unique investigation ! 

On April 22th 1785, while staying in Bordeaux, the Rubens family of which you are a member, decides to discover the city.You then leave your craft parked in “Port de la Lune” for an unforgettable stroll. While having a quiet stroll in the streets, a scream suddenly echoes : “A thief ! A thief !”. The scream comes from the “Grand Théâtre” front court. Your investigator mood leads you through an original and playful adventure ! Will you manage to solve the thief of the “Grand Théâtre” plot ?

In order to make the game harder, a series of questions and riddles will be proposed all along the journey. Kitted with a logbook, you will observe the city neighborhoods and heritage with your team, with one goal: tracking and unmasking the thief ! At the end of the treasure hunt, the teams will meet to gather the clues and reveal the plot.

Departure : in front of the grand theater,  the place "de la Comédie", tram B stop Grand Théâtre

Arrival in front of the grand theater, the place "de la Comédie", tram B stop Grand Théâtre

Duration : 2:30 (10 minutes of presentation, 2 hours of game and 20 minutes of results).

Tarif année scolaire 2015-2016 : 6,50 euros par élève.

Gratuit pour les accompagnateurs.

En raison de nombreuses demandes, nous vous conseillons de réserver le plus tôt possible.

La présence d'adultes accompagnateurs est obligatoire.